During the time in Google, Joseph was not only in charged of the developing and design marketing web site for Google for Work and Google Apps for Work but also assisted Google for Education, Chrome for Work and supporting, mentoring other team members.

Here, listed selection of works he did. which included Google for Work Partner site, the first marketing site used Material Design Lite, Google for Education Trust site, Google for Work, Google Apps for Work and an internal website for the Agency team within Brand Studio.

See Google for Work: Partners See Google for EDU: Trust See Google for Work See Google Apps for Work

Still-life with lamp

Oil painting on canvas.


Why toothpaste has to cheap and plain? why do these have to improperly exist in your beautifully designed house? PERLE the new oral care product line by CHANEL takes the elegance and classiness from CHANEL and make the first toothpaste as stylish as your Little Black Jacket, 2.55 bag and N°5 Perfume.


Selection of the works completed for MRM//McCann for Intel.

Leading with Hybrid Cloud, an off-template microsite Joseph designed from layout to icons, images, and coded with HTML5, some JavaScripts and Media Queries.

Follow up with some in-template projects: WiDi, Smartphone, Tablet refreshes and their subpages. he not only selected new templates, generated new images and icons, but also worked with copywriters, revised the copy, to provide better User Experience and Visual Hierarchy to the users.

Wells Fargo

Mixed types of works completed for MRM//McCann. Including animated banners, banner resizes, micro-site, and mobile markiting site.


Peephole is an interactive iPad magazine that was created through the collaborative effort of several departments from the Academy of Art University. They include Advertising, Web Design + New Media, Photography and Illustration.

The goal of this magazine is to give you a glimpse into the lives of the people who are changing our world; from eccentrics to visionaries, and all those in between who inspire change.

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J: the original typeface

J is an original typeface designed to represent my style and aesthetic view based on the beauty of early 20th century architecture and industrialized style, Art Deco, Streamline Moderne and Organic Architecture. J is a very narrow, skinny typeface with extremely wide circles. By using only the geometric curves and lines following the rule of thirds, J shows off its elegance and sculptural construction. In this typeface, bowls never connect with straight lines on one side, left-right diagonal lines clear the right side, and multiple overshoot lines occur when two straight lines meet. J should not be used smaller than 12pt in print and 14pt on screen.

Open type specimen sheet


Charcoal sketch on paper.

Jane Lubchenco

An award show introduction video for Dr. Jane Lubchenco at the Exploratorium's Annual Awards Dinner.