Diary of Eric Gill

Thomas & Mr. Graeevy on E.G’s engravings of the nude

There was no denial of physical charm, but thro some quality in the artist himself which he had succeeded in transmitting, the effect produced was one of reverence before such loveliness... It may be pointed out that Gill was an extremely religious man, as this it prob. was wh. enabled him to invest every object in creation with something like wondering veneration & tenderness.

To Mass 10.30 and got 6? Candles.
Reading & writing after all day.

Letter and acc. all day.
Finished naliny victim in evening.

To Mass with M. & children. 10.30
Write letters in noon.

Visiting one of the younger daughter’s bedrooms stayed ½ hour – put penis in her arse. THIS MUST STOP

The same.
To Mass with B.P & J.

The same.

Wax Crucifix all day.

Letter etc. all day & cutting lawn etc.

Wood carving C&M all day.

Plastic carving all day.
to Mass 7.30

Meg & Joanna went to Chichester in afternoon. (made her 'come,' and she him, to watch the effect on the arse ( 1 ) Why should it contract during the orgasm & ( 2 ) whyshould a woman’s do the same as a man’s?)

Visit the Gibbingses.
Bath after supper and dancing (nude). R & M fucking one another after, M. holding me the while.

Letter in M.
To Chichester with Max and Joan—to see registrar, undertaker etc. Also saw the archdeacon of Chichester of father’s retirement from W-w.
Mother’s baby was brought to W-W of 5.30 watching in church till 7.30.

Watching in church in morning.
Funeral service of 12.45 and then by car to Brighten.
Service at grave 3.0.
Betty & Joseph & David & Jack hall and Helena come as well as the party from W-W.
Back to W.W., arrived 5.30

To London with Max Evan & Meg 9.5 from chi. Said good bye to M & E and took 12.15 train home.
Sorting letters & papers all.
golf and Paul and Christopher came in.

To Mass (Farmer’s bus with Meg) 11.00
Sorting letters etc.
Began reading Dawson: “age of the gods”

Sorting mothers letter and papers and discussing arrangements for father’s future all day. Gladys agreed to come in to the vicarage as housekeeper for father after he come back from holiday

Moving into workshop all day.
NES and gordian whammed in eve.
Walker Hemming came in eve and Peter Criff

A man’s penis and balls are
very beautiful things and the power to see this beauty is not conned to the opposite sex. The shape of the head of a man’s erect penis is very excellent in the mouth. There is no doubt about this. I have often wondered – now
I know.

Letter in M.
Morning workshop all noon and eve

Mass 10.30. John Pilley came in noon.

Correcting proofs of architecture as sculpture for ROBA formal in morning. Also 1st proof of “art nonsense” R.G. and M. came to lunch & took me back with them to W. St. L.
Discussed G.C.P etc. in eve.

Counseling an proofs all morning.
GK, type all noon and eve.
Walking head sth. in noon (1h.)

Letter in morning.
Carving S. Wind all day.
Began Belle Savage No. III.

Belle Savage No. III. all morning.
Drew Donald a’s portrait in nude.
Began Belle Savage IV miscs.

B.S. TV in morning and noon.
S. Wind carving in noon and afternoon.

Finished S. Wind carving in morning.
Began East Wind carving in noon and afternoon.

Up late.
Drew Brownie’s portrait in an made two drawing of Gill (nude) in noon.
Leonard Woolf came in eve.
Lettering drawing etc. for Goldsmith in night.

Expt. with dog in eve. Then, five days later, Bath. Continued experiment with dog after and discovered that a dog will
join with a man.